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With the TM5 cup press from Secabo orders can be processed faster. It can carry transfers up to 5 cups at a time, making possible the 5 separately controllable heating elements. Thus, the TM5 is ideal for efficient sublimation transfers on ceramic cups and similar objects, especially for larger runs or higher throughput. The digital controllers control temperature and time of the heating elements exactly and safely. The contact pressure can be easily adjusted via a handwheel. The device is supplied with 5 cups for cups with content 325 ml, as an extra free is an additional reserve cuff. Optionally, another heating element for small cups is available. Our recommendation: Only switch on the individual heating elements for actual use, as this will save you the heating elements and save energy.

SECABO TM5 Mug Heat Press

    • Up to 5 mug operation
    • Pressure setting - Hand reel
    • Net weight - 35 kg
    • Max. mug height - 12cm
    • Max. mug diameter - 7.5cm to 9.0cm
    • Max. temperature - 225˚C
    • Max. time preset - 999s
    • Power supply - 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 5x 350W
    • Dimensions - 82 x 36.5 x 28.5 cm
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