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Secabo's TM1 mug press is ideal for conveniently performing sublimation transfers on ceramic cups and similar items.

The Secabo TM1 transfer press is suitable for beginners as well as for professional users and can be operated quickly and safely with its digital controller.

The contact pressure can be easily adjusted via a handwheel. Optionally, there are 3 different heating elements - also in conical design - available. Included in delivery is the cup press Secabo TM1, including a heating sleeve for cups with 75-90mm diameter.

The cuff is utilized for approx. 700 transfer processes and can be reordered at any time depending on the wear.

We also recommend turning on the mug press for actual use only and not heat it all the way through.

SECABO TM1 Mug Heat Press

    • Pressure setting - Hand reel
    • Net weight - 5 kg
    • Max. mug height - 12cm
    • Max. mug diameter - 7.5cm to 9.0cm
    • Max. temperature - 225˚C
    • Max. time preset - 999s
    • Power supply - AC voltage 230V/50Hz - 60Hz, 300W
    • Dimensions - 32cm x 21cm x 30cm
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