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The TC2 heat press Secabo shows up with the right press for the introduction into textile finishing and other transfer techniques. On the digital controller of the Secabo TC2 time and temperature for the transfers can be set. After the transfer is done, an acoustic signal sounds.

The contact pressure is adjusted by a hand wheel on the upper side of the heating plate.

The pressing operation starts when the pressing lever is closed. The large opening angle allows comfortable preparing of the transfer objects on the base plate.

The TC2 has a working area of ​​23cm x 33cm and a heating plate with a power consumption of 1.000W.

SECABO TC2 23cm x 33cm Clam Heat Press

    • Pressure setting - Hand reel
    • Net weight - 19 kg
    • Working area - 23cm x 33cm
    • Max. working pressure - 150 g/cm²
    • Max. clam angle - 45˚
    • Max. temperature - 225˚C
    • Max. time preset - 999s
    • Power supply - AC voltage 230V/50Hz - 60Hz, 1.0kW
    • Dimensions - 34cm x 40cm x 46cm
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