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NT CUTTER® A300R plastic auto lock snap off handle, the A300R comes complete with a 12 point snap off 45˚ blade.

Made from solid plastic ABS, with a perfect weight distribution and an auto lock system meaning no matter the amount of pressure you apply, the blade will never return back.

The NT CUTTER® A300R also features it’s own blade snap off tool, when a blade becomes dull,
simply pull the snap off tool from the back, break the blade off to reveal a new sharp point.

Ideal for vehicle wrapping, PPF, sign making, textile decoration, window tinting and digital printing applications. (when used for window tinting, replace the blade with OLFA® AB-10S blade).

NT Cutter Plastic Retractable Handle With Auto-Lock 45˚ Snap Off Blade

SKU: A300R
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