Step away from your inspiration boards and turn your best intentions into action with a little help from Cricut Joy, your DIY best friend. This smart little cutting and writing machine is ridiculously easy to set up and use, so you'll find endless excuses to personalize, organize, and customize every single day. Cut custom vinyl decals for water bottles or your wall. Make labels for your kitchen or office. Bust out a custom card or a birthday banner. It's also compatible with Cricut Smart Materials™, for super-easy, super-long cuts without a cutting mat. Just load & go! With plenty of projects that take just 15 minutes, Cricut Joy makes it possible to make something unique for you – or anyone – at a moment's notice. It's the perfect companion to full-size Cricut Maker® and Cricut Explore® machines.


Machine features include:


  • Weighing in at only 3.9 lbs (1.75 kg), this smart little cutting and writing machine makes it easy to personalize almost anything
  • Cuts 50+ materials, including iron-on, cardstock, vinyl, paper, and Smart Materials™ – super-easy, super-long cuts without a cutting mat
  • Draws any shape and writes in a variety of styles
  • Cuts individual shapes up to 4 ft long or makes repeated cuts up to 20 ft long*
  • Fits in a cubby, packs away easily, sets up instantly
  • Perfect companion to full-size Cricut smart cutting machines
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Design Space® software for iOS, Android™, Windows®, and Mac®


EasyPress Mini


Unusual objects and improbable projects are no longer a challenge!

Cricut EasyPress Mini™ makes professional heat-transfer results possible for even your most shapely objects and projects, including baby shoes, hats, stuffed animals, and more. Its thoughtful, compact design makes it effortless to curve with contours, get between buttons, and squeeze into seams. Three simple heat settings take on every possible heat-transfer project, including permanent Infusible Ink transfers that become one with the base material. With an extra layer of protection on its ceramic heat plate, Cricut EasyPress Mini effortlessly glides over oddly shaped surfaces to transfer your design. Safety features include an insulated base and an auto-shutoff feature. It's lightweight, portable, easy to store, and compatible with major brands of HTV, iron-on, and the entire Infusible Ink family of products. It’s a perfect complement to any Cricut cutting machine.


Ultimate Iron-on Bundle


Huge bundle of iron-on heat transfer vinyl manufactured by ourselves, our RAPIDFLEX range is a 3-5 second press and can be used on virtually all textiles.

25 rolls of 140mm x 500mm, 15 standard colours & 10 glitter colours.


• White - 140mm x 500mm.

• Black - 140mm x 500mm.

• Coral - 140mm x 500mm.

• Red - 140mm x 500mm.

• Sky Blue - 140mm x 500mm.

• Blue - 140mm x 500mm.

• Yellow - 140mm x 500mm.

• Orange - 140mm x 500mm.

• Baby Pink - 140mm x 500mm.

• Fuschia - 140mm x 500mm.

• Green - 140mm x 500mm.

• Grey - 140mm x 500mm.

• Silver - 140mm x 500mm.

• Gold - 140mm x 500mm.

• Rose Gold - 140mm x 500mm.

• White Glitter - 140mm x 500mm.

• Black Glitter - 140mm x 500mm.

• Silver Glitter - 140mm x 500mm.

• Gold Glitter - 140mm x 500mm.

• Rose Gold Glitter - 140mm x 500mm.

• Yellow Glitter - 140mm x 500mm.

• Red Glitter - 140mm x 500mm.

• Green Glitter - 140mm x 500mm.

• Blue Glitter - 140mm x 500mm.

• Multi Coloured Glitter - 140mm x 500mm.

Cricut Joy™ With EasyPress Mini & Ultimate Iron-on Bundle

£283.00 Regular Price
£258.00Sale Price
    • Cricut Joy machine
    • Blade + Housing**
    • Fine Point Pen, Black (0.4 mm)**
    • StandardGrip Mat, 4.5" x 6.5" (11.4 cm x 16.5 cm)**
    • Welcome card
    • Power adapter
    • Free trial membership to Cricut Access™ (for new subscribers)
    • 50 ready-to make projects online
    • Materials for a practice cut